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I have been making my delicious Cranberry-Raisin Chutney for over 30 years and gifting it to friends at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Almost immediately, my friends began to ask for a jar not just at holiday time, but throughout the year. And for special dinners, my assignment was always the same: “Bring the chutney”! Actually, it was my friends’ idea for me to market my product and make it available year-round. So here it is. Now they — and you — can enjoy it whenever the occasion demands that perfect touch.

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Introducing 2 new products! In addition to our famous Cranberry Raisin Chutney, we are now proud to introduce our
Razzled Tomato Relish & Apricots and Figs.
Visit our products page to learn more!

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Caution: These products may be habit-forming.
Seek professional help if you find yourself eating it
at midnight, straight from the jar!